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Jordan v. Jewel Food Stores, Inc.

March 15, 2012
English: Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan 1997

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Why it Matters:

This case examines if a company can publish a congratulatory message using a star’s name and items associated with their persona.

Year: 2012


An ad in a Sports Illustrated Presents commemorative issue dedicated to Michael Jordan, Jewel-Osco placed an ad featuring a pair of basketball shoes and the text “Jewel-Osco salutes #23 on his many accomplishments as we honor a fellow Chicagoan who was ‘just around the corner’ for so many years.”


žA federal judge ruled that the grocery store chain’s reference to Michael Jordan was protected by the First Amendment.
“At the most basic level, … readers would be at a loss to explain what they have been invited to buy.”
Jordan v. Jewel Food Stores, Inc., No. 10 C 340. (US District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division 2012).

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